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New Class Forming
Tuesdays in September 6pm

Specialized Martial Arts and Fitness classes 

Early School Preparation

Allow your child to get a head start in the classroom. Kicks Karate students are taught a number of skills that translate very well into the classroom. Students practice simple skills like:

  • standing quietly in line

  • listening closely to their instructor

  • looking in the eyes for concentration

These skills are practiced over and over again in our classes. This “disguised repetition” actually allows your child to intentionally practice good behavior skills while having fun in the process.

Improved Attention Span

Looking in the eyes is one of the most basic skills we teach our students. Your child will learn to always look in the eyes when someone is talking to her. Developing the habit of looking in the eyes leads to improved concentration. In turn, this helps improve attention span and eventually even better grades in school.

First time listening is another important skill our students are taught early on. Students get to be so good at listening that they only need to be told once to do something by instructors and parents.

Improved Motor Skills

At this age, your child’s basic balance, agility, and coordination are all being developed. Your child will become more successful in martial arts and other physical activities as he /she develops and refines important motor skills while learning fundamental martial arts techniques.

Improved Social Skills

Our classes are structured to allow students to socially interact with each other and work both individually and as a team. Your child will perform  group drills with other students in the class improving social skills at the same time.

Learning Environment 

Successful life skills and habits take practice, time and energy to develop.  Students learn and retain more when they are having fun at the same time. In addition, by keeping things both fun and educational, we ensure that the students want to continue to come back again and again.

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